If your instructor asks you to create a presentation which only requires your voice over a powerpoint, these instructions will help.  Please check with your instructor to ensure that he or she does not expect you to record your powerpoint with both audio and video of you with the PowerPoint.

To learn how to record a voice over (audio) PowerPoint with Panopto watch the video below and/or read the article below.

Follow the steps below to create a recording in Panopto for your course

You may be asked to record a video introduction of yourself in your course using Panopto. To record a video of yourself, and the audio (your voice speaking), follow the directions below. These instructions should be used for any regular video of yourself speaking without having to record a PowerPoint or your computer screen.

[1] Click Panopto recordings

[2] Click create and select record a new session

[3] Click open Panopto

First you need to prepare your primary source. The primary source is the video and audio recording of yourself. If you are a student doing a presentation using Panopto, you are required to use both video and audio for your presentation.  

To set up your primary source

[4] Before recording, change the name of the recording.

[5] Video should be Camera.  

[6] Audio set to your input.  

[7] Make sure box is unchecked for Capture PowerPoint, Capture Main Screen and Capture Second Screen.  

[8a] Click Record.  

[8b] Click Stop to end recording.

[8c] Click Pause if you need to momentarily stop and will resume recording.

If you have any questions about the content within this training or need further explanation, please don't hesitate to contact