If your instructor asks you to create a presentation which only requires your voice over a powerpoint, these instructions will help.  Please check with your instructor to ensure that he or she does not expect you to record your powerpoint with both audio and video of you with the PowerPoint.

To learn how to record a voice over (audio) PowerPoint with Panoptowatch the video below and/or read the article below.

Follow the steps below to create a recording in Panopto for your course

You may want to record your voice over a PowerPoint presentation. Follow the steps below to record your voice over a PowerPoint presentation using Panopto. Students: Typically, teachers expect their students to record both a video of themselves and their voice, so please check the requirements before recording.

Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to record and mini- mize it to your Taskbar. Go into the course where you want to share the Panopto assignment.

[1] Click Panopto recordings

[2] Click create and select record a new session

[3] Click open Panopto


To set up your primary source

[4] Before recording, change the name of the recording.

[5] Video should be None.

[6] Audio set to your input.

[7] Check box for Capture PowerPoint. Uncheck Capture Main Screen and Capture Second Screen.

[7a] Click the box to Start presenting when recording starts.

The PowerPoint Presentation will take over your entire screen.
You can control the presentation in the lower left corner or use the arrow keys on your keyboard.


[8a] Click Record.

[8b] When you have completed your recording, press Esc on your computer to minimize the PowerPoint and click Stop to end the recording.

[8c] Click Pause if you need to momentarily stop and will resume recording.

[9] If you are unhappy with your recording, you can click ‘delete’ and start again. Once you click delete, you can not get this version of the recording back.

[10] If you are happy with your recoding, click ‘upload’ and your Panopto video will begin processing. Remember you can always edit a video after processing.

[11] The video will show uploading progress. Once your video has completed processing, you can add or submit it to your course by following the appropriate instructions.