You need to download and install the Panopto recorder to create a Panopto recording. It is important that you download the Panopto recorder as shown below from inside of Canvas to ensure your recorder will connect to your course.  

*You will need administrator access to install Panopto. If you are using a University of Bridgeport computer, you will need to contact IT to install Panopto




Before using Panopto you will need to download the Panopto recorder.
Note: DO NOT use web search tools like Google to locate this application. Use only this version that is provided within Canvas.

To download the recorder:

Login to Canvas and enter your course:
[1] Click on Panopto Recordings on the left of your course
[2] Click on the Create button on the top, then Record a new session
[3] Click on Download Installer - select the appropriate option for your computer
[4] Open the install file and follow the steps to complete the installation