Panopto recorder can be accessed from any course as long as it is listed in the navigation menu. There are multiple options for you to choose from regarding your recording.

On a rare occasion, you may want to record a video of yourself, your voice, and something other than PowerPoint as part of an assignment. This can be helpful if your final project or presentation uses something other than PowerPoint.  

To learn how to record with Panopto watch the video below and/or read the print materials below.

To learn how to record video, audio, and your screen (a narrated screen capture)watch the video below and/or read the article below.

Follow the steps below to create a recording in Panopto for your course
You may need to record yourself (audio and video) and something other than a PowerPoint presentation. To do this, you will want to use the option to record what appears on your main screen.  Using this function, you can record with a document, website, or anything else you can show on your screen and yourself at the same time. 

[1] Click Panopto recordings

[2] Click create and select record a new session

[3] Click open Panopto


To set up your primary source

[4] Before recording, change the name of the recording.

[5] Video should be Camera.

[6] Audio set to your input.

[7] Check the box for Capture Main Screen. Unchecked boxes for Capture PowerPoint and Capture Second Screen.

[7a] Enable screen capture preview. Take Panopto out of full screen to check the screen you are recording.


[8a] Click Record.

[8b] Click Stop to end recording.

[8c] Click Pause if you need to momentarily stop and will resume recording.

[9] If you are unhappy with your recording, you can click ‘delete’ and start again. Once you click delete, you can not get this version of the recording back.

[10] If you are happy with your recoding, click ‘upload’ and your Panopto video will begin processing. Remember you can always edit a video after processing.

[11] The video will show uploading progress.

Once your video has completed processing, you can add or submit it to your course by following the appropriate instructions.