Below is a chart explaining assignment and course grading 'Eye' Icons and their meaning. This chart was originally shared by Jerad Watson and has been redesigned for this page.  
Icon Meaning
No icon displayed
  • The assignment or course grading policy is set to Automatic.
  • This indicates that future graded submissions will display to students automatically.
  • If you want to prevent students from seeing these grades, you can change the grading policy on that assignment to manual (this accomplishes the same thing as the previous Mute method before update)
  • Manual Posting Policy has been applied.
  • This icon indicates that any grades added to the assignment are hidden from student view until the instructor posts the grades.
  • This icon appears once a submission is graded in an assignment that is set to manual grading policy.
  • This icon indicates there are grades in that assignment that have not been posted to students yet.
  • This indicates the total grade in the Gradebook differs from the total grade viewed by the student
  • There are grades hidden from student view in one or more assignments.
  • When an instructor is posting grades manually, Orange Dot icons will appear beside hidden grades.


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