Things you can try to improve the quality of your Café Meeting


Try the following tips if you are having difficulty during your Cafe Meeting:

  • Close programs that may be taking up computer memory.
  • Close extra browser windows, they can use unexpected resources.
  • Check that you have a good internet connection.
  • If you are on WIFI, try an ethernet (wired) connection instead.
  • Stop sharing video, and only share your microphone.
  • Refresh your browser.
  • Make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox only. Chrome is our recommended browser.
  • Ensure that you have the latest browser version. If it isn’t up to date, please update it.
    • To check your Chrome browser version
      • Click on the 3 vertical dots icon on the top right corner of browser “ ” > Settings > About Chrome > the new screen should say “Google Chrome is up to date.”

    • To update Chrome
      • After following the previous step, allow the automatic download to finish and click “Relaunch” when available.

    • To check your Firefox browser version
      • Click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top right corner of browser “” > Options > Scroll down to Firefox Updates > Click on the Check for Updates button.

    • Shut down your computer instead of putting it into sleep mode.

Sometimes when your computer comes back online after sleeping, the camera doesn’t start up correctly. So it is better to shut it down at night instead of putting it into sleep mode.