The copier comes with a new print driver that has more options than before. Many settings which previously were only available on the copier are now available from your desktop!


  • Select “Copy” from the Services Home.
  • Put your drcuments in the document feeder or on glass scanner.
  • Select your desired settings: paper tray, copy output, 2 or 1-sided copying, etc.
  • When all set, press the green “Start” button.


  • Select “Email” from Services Home.
  • “Favorites” = Your Department:
    • Select your recipient from the “Favorites” menu.
  • “Network Address Book” = UB Network (LDAP):
    • Select “Clear All” and then select “Network Address Book”.
    • Specify if you are searching either the “Device” or the “Network”.
    • Enter the first or last name of your recipient in the search bar and hit “Search”.
    • Select your recipient from the list.

Scan-to-Shared Drive:

  • Select “Workflow Scanning” from Services Home.
  • Select the shared drive to which you want to scan your file.
  • Select desired settings before scanning.
  • The shared drive folder, “Xeroxscan”, is purged within 72 hours of your scan, therefore, file your scanned document(s) immediately after scanning!


  • “Help” button on the copier.
  • User Guides and tutorial videos are available at
    • Search “WorkCentre 5945” in the search bar to find the guides/videos.
  • When clearing paper jams, take your time and take the entire sheet of paper out. Ensure it is the whole sheet and that it does not rip.

How to Add Hole-Punch/Staple(s):

  • In the “Copy Output” column, select “More” in the copy screen.
  • Select the hole-punch or staple finish you want.


UB has a maintenance plan with Xerox covering toner. The copier will automatically send a notification to Xerox requesting a replacement cartridge.

To order more staples, email Include your department name & account number.