This document is to be used in the event of issues pertaining to the renewal of the OWA Certificate, if your issue does not lie directly with that incident please see the bottom of the document and submit a ticket for assistance.

Prior to leaving on Friday, February 12, 2021, please close out of Outlook and log off your machine.

At this point Outlook should be closed, if not please close it and reopen it and you should be able to work as normal.

  • If you receive an error like this go ahead and click on Yes and this will allow you to get into Outlook. If not contact the helpdesk (see below) and in the interim use to access email on the web.
  • For Mobile Phones, if you receive an error or alert in regards to the certificate having been changed, you can go ahead and accept it. If you view the certificate everything will be the same on the new one except having a new date on it 2 years out till 2023.
  • If you cannot access your mail on phone after accepting the new certificate, please delete the account on your phone and recreate it using the instructions you were provided for the first time.

If you receive any error preventing you from getting into Outlook after attempting the above fixes, please contact the helpdesk at or call us at 203-576-3300.

Please provide your name, UB ID#, email address, phone number, any relevant location details, and a description of the issue.