Time-sensitive notification

Affected users: Any user who self-signed up for Microsoft 365 for students using a email address.

Action to take: Download/Move important files to UB issued Microsoft 365 account. This account will be maintained even after your graduation as an alumnus.

Deadline: October 30th, 2021


Generally, you can use your student email address to sign up for other online educational services as long as your account stays active. However, Microsoft 365 for Students is provided by default to all the students with UB usernames. So, you need not sign up for it again. 

If you have already signed up for a Microsoft 365 account using your student email yourself before receiving this notification, there is a conflict of duplicate accounts in our system and you may face login issues with certain UB online services. You will need to move your important documents to the UB-issued Microsoft account immediately. Steps are provided below.

All self-signed up Microsoft accounts with the email address will be removed by October 30, 2021. Make sure to download/move your important documents from services such as OneDrive/One Note/Word/Powerpoint etc., before the deadline. Otherwise, you will not be able to access them afterward. This action only applies to those who have used during the Microsoft 365 sign-up, not 

Steps to follow:

  1. Login to your Microsoft 365 student account with your at

  2. Download any important documents to your computer or other storage devices. If you do not use this account or do not have any documents, skip the steps below and submit the confirmation. 

  3. Log out and close the browser.

  4. Re-open the browser and sign in to UB Microsoft Account. (When account verification is prompted, cancel it to proceed forward. Verification cannot be completed until the duplicate account is removed)

  5. Upload your documents from the previous Microsoft account. Submit the confirmation below to remove the old account. 

-> Submit the confirmation



If you have any questions contact