1. How to open a case for the customer manually?

2. How to respond or route an existing case?


When responding to a case.

  • Make sure that the case is in the correct queue first. Otherwise, route it properly.
  • Once the category and queue are set properly, you have to assign that case to yourself before responding. 
  • When responding to the user with the email, always respond with 'Reply All' and make sure to remove 'Helpdesk Mailbox' or 'General Queue' in the To/CC field of the email. 
  • Proofread your email to ensure there are no mistakes, typos, and grammatical errors. The email style should be always formal in language. 
  • Every email that is sent from Dynamics will have as the from address. So, make sure to include your signature for every response.
  • Your email signature has to be consistent with the rest of the team, see below for the template. 

When assigning a case.

  • Set the category & sub-category appropriately for the case and click on 'Save & Route'.
  • Do not assign to a Team directly using the 'Assign' button. Save & Route will transfer the case to the proper queue with the proper team as owners. 
  • You can assign a case to yourself if it is in your queue.
  • You can assign a case to another user only if they are in the same queue where the case currently is. 

To Access Attachments/Screenshots.

  • To view email attachments or screenshots added to the email, click on the 'Related' Tab in the top section of the case and select 'Documents'

Do not

  • Assign to a person directly without setting the category and routing a case.
  • Send an email without a helpdesk signature.
  • Send an email without proofreading and in an informal style.
  • Send an email without reading the most recent email conversations.
  • Respond to a case without assigning it to yourself. 


Email Signature Template

Copy and paste the following email signature for your profile. 


Your Name
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University of Bridgeport || +1 203-576-3300 
Please refer to our knowledge base for self-service at