The instructions below will help you in planning the courses you will take this semester, selecting the specific sections of the course, and getting approval for your courses from your advisor. If you know the specific course(s) you will take this semester or they have been planned out for you, follow the instructions below. Specific course names will be in this format: For example, HUSV-110. If you do not know the specific course(s) you will take this semester, please refer to your degree plan/program of study and/or contact your academic advisor.

1. Click in the search bar and type the specific name of your course (For example, HUSV-110) and click the magnifying glass to search for the course.

2. Review available courses and click on the arrow next to View Available Sections.

3. Determine which section of the course will work best for you and click ‘Add Section to Schedule.’

4. Review the section details to make sure this is the section of the course you want to take. The course grading must be set to ‘Graded’ for you to get credit in the course. Do not change this setting!

5. Click ‘Add Section’ to add the course to your schedule.

6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 above for each course you are taking this semester.

7. When you have finished selecting all your course sections, click on Schedule to review your schedule. Details are shown in the center of the screen as well as the course specific details on the left side of the screen. For online courses, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and review 'Sections with no meeting time.' Note: If your schedule does not include specific selected sections, your advisor will not be able to approve your choices!

8. Once you have selected sections for all of your courses, you will need to request a review from your advisor to gain approval for registration. To submit your section selections for approval, click on Advising. From there you can Request Review (a) from your advisor and Save a Note (b) to your advisor if you would like. When you click Request Review, a email will be sent to you advisor for their approval.

Once your advisor approves your courses, you can register using the steps in Part 3: Registering Your Courses.