If you just want to change your password, you can do it through the Office 365 portal.

If you are an employee with a UB-issued laptop/computer, read this article.

If you are a student/staff with no office laptop/computer, you can proceed as follows. 

To change your password using Office 365 account

  1. Sign in to your Office 365 account, using your existing password. Log in with your
  2. Select your profile on the upper-right-hand corner, and then select View account.
  3. Select Security & privacy > Password.
  4. Type your old password, create and confirm your new password, and then select Submit.

To reset your password

Use this method using a web browser to reset your password. Do not use this method if you are given a UB laptop/computer. 

  1.  Visit 
  2.  Enter your username as
  3.  Go through the verification process as shown to reset your password. (You should have account recovery options set up prior to this. Read more about it here)

If you have followed these steps and still have issues, contact 

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