You are probably using Windows, this instruction is recommended!

*For macOS please see this instruction


Compatibility Information

For the maximum compatibility:

Please Uninstall the older versions of any software before continue to install the newer version of it.
Please use the latest version of Microsoft Office with Endnote X9. Recommend to follow this instruction to download and install latest Office 365 for free:


Downloading Endnote-X9

  1. Go to the UB mylicenses page: to download Endnote X9.


2. Right Click the file and select Extract All.

3. Choose the location where you want to extract the files and click Extract

4. When the file has extracted, the folder should automatically open, if not, navigate to the location where you saved the folder and open it.



Installing and Activating Endnote-X9 for Windows


  1. Double-Click the Windows folder to open.


  1. Extract Install to get the installer.


  1. Run ENX9Inst.msi to begin installation.


  1. Click Next and Accept to continue.



  1. Read the information and agreement, Click Next, accept the license agreement if you agree, then click Next.

  1. Select Typical for the best performance and Click Next.

7. Keep the default Destination Folder and click Next.

8. Click Next to start installation, Click Finish when it finished.


Endnote X9 may have updates available, however, the current license does not update beyond Endnote X9.

You will now have Endnote available on your computer.  You will be able to access it in your Microsoft Word Documents.


*If you have a compatibility issue with an outdated version of Microsoft Office/ Word (Pre 2016/ 15.xx) after installing the latest Endnote
Follow this instruction to download and install latest Office 365 for free:


If you have any questions or difficulties, contact