Microsoft Office 365 is available free to anyone with a ub email.  Use the instructions below to install Office 365 on your devices!

You are probably using Windows, this instruction is NOT recommended!

*For Windows please see instruction here


How to download and install Microsoft Office 365 for macOS

  1. In your internet browser, please navigate to:
  2. Sign-on with: ‘your username’ and click Next.

This should bring you back to the UB Single-Sign On page for Microsoft 365.

*If you do not get to the UB Single-Sign On page and receive a messages saying, “That Microsoft account doesn’t exist…” you need to follow a few additional steps listed at the end of this instructional.

Once you’ve reached the UB Single-Sign On page

  1. Type in your UB username and Password and click Login.

  1. Click Yes to stay signed in.

You will be automatically redirected to the Office 365 Welcome Page shown below.

  1. On the Office Welcome Page, click Install Office and choose Office 365 apps from the drop down menu.

Microsoft Office 365 Set-Up File will be downloaded onto your computer.


  1. Click Open Once the Set-Up File has downloaded. 


7. You will see the screen below once the Installer starts, Click Continue.

8. Read the Agreement and Click Continue

9. Read the license and make your choice, to continue click Agree

10. After click Install, you may need to enter your system password and give access to continue Install based on your security settings

11. Click OK after reading the Notice

12. Click Close when the installation finishes and begin enjoying your Microsoft office apps*.



How to Activate Office

1. Open a Microsoft Office Product you just installed, for example Word, and click Get started >

2. Click Sign In to start activate Office

3. Sign-on with: ‘your username’ and click Next.

4. Type in your UB username and Password and click Login.

5. You can adjust your Privacy Preferences, Click OK when you are ready to continue.

6. Click Start Using Word 

Now your MS Office is ready

If you need the latest version of EndNote for macOS, see this instruction


If you have any questions or difficulties, contact


*Additional Steps: Microsoft Office at UB

Additional Step 1. In your internet browser, please navigate to:

Additional Step 2. Sign-on with: ‘your username’ and click Next.

Additional Step 3. Verify a successful login to

After a successful login to portal azure, please return to the beginning of this page and follow the steps beginning with number 1. 

If you are unable to get to the UB Single-Sign On page for Microsoft 365. Please contact